January 27, 2020

Self Portrait Photography

My Story

In May of 2018 I packed up my family and moved from the Okanagan – a place we had called home for eight years – back to Vancouver Island. It was a difficult decision. I had moved to the Okanagan when my son was three months old and my daughter was 3 years old. They had spent nearly all of their lives away from family. I decided it was time to reconnect with my roots.

After moving back to the Island there was of course a transition period where my business had dropped off. My clients were still in Kelowna and throughout the Okanagan and my SEO would take a while to build up in my new location. I felt sort of stagnant in terms of my creativity and decided this would be a good opportunity to start shooting for ME. My entire photography journey has surrounded clients. This meant photographing primarily families and weddings and very little creative or personal work.

Now those who know me know I’m absolute shit at any photo that doesn’t have a person in it. I don’t know why I cant capture a decent landscape shot. I cant even photograph a flower or a bird. I need PEOPLE. Coming out of a difficult divorce I wanted to reconnect with myself. Find a sense of self-esteem and also develop my boudoir and indoor photography shots.

So, I embarked on a self-portrait journey. I am not finished as I still have a list of photographs that I would like to photograph of myself in certain locations (but I’m waiting for the spring/summer again of course). I am sharing these self portraits here and a little explanation of how I achieved them.

How Did I do it?

I personally shoot with Canon, 6D. Canon 6D has built-in wi-fi so I am able to download the Canon Camera Connect app and use my phone as a remote shutter. This takes a little learning to figure it out, but step one is to start with a full camera battery and full camera battery and either a remote shutter or a camera with the ability to use a remote shutter. For whatever reason this is quite draining on the batteries so keep that in mind.

A remote shutter with a screen such as an app on the phone is so valuable because you are able to see what you actually look like when you go to take the photo. this was helpful for me because I am a little self-conscious and need to have a visual of what I look like and if I’m doing something weird with my face or body. Lets just get this out of the way right now, there were millions of outtakes.

Secondly, I use a tripod. I have a work tripod and a home tripod. Obviously these have different qualities and are of different quality, but a full swivel head including the ability to point DOWN (You’ll see why) is important.

Third, light. Obviously you need light. In some of these photos I used natural light and some of them I used either off-camera flash, incandescent lighting or continuous lighting. In the images from above of my laying on my bed it was actually night time. I placed a continuous light BEHIND my curtain to mimic what would be natural light. The photos in the tub I simply had a pot light above my tub so I just turned that on.

Fourth, an idea. All you need is an idea.

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