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When planning your Kelowna wedding it can be difficult to find the perfect vendors to help you execute your vision. I know, because I have gone through it myself! I’ve compiled a list of Kelowna wedding vendors that I love and have personally worked with. I hope that you will find some vendors at various price points to contact about assisting you on your wedding day. Each of these vendors provides high quality work and is a reputable business in the Okanagan!

Feel free to get in touch with any of the vendors listed below, and don’t forget to mention that I sent you, that way I get a high-five![/cs_text][x_accordion][x_accordion_item title=”WEDDING PLANNERS” open=”false”]

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[/x_accordion_item][x_accordion_item title=”VIDEOGRAPHERS” open=”false”]

Due to intrusiveness and non-cooperation preventing my ability to capture my client’s special moments, I will no longer perform weddings with iCandy films.[/x_accordion_item][x_accordion_item title=”CATERERS” open=”false”]

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