Headshot sessions are done in-studio or on location.


Sessions are approximately 1-2 hours long and can include multiple wardrobe changes.


Please arrive with your hair and makeup done, or notify me if you would like a hair/makeup artist present for your session for an additional cost.


Hair should be styled appropriately for your look as well as ensure that any frizz or fly-away hairs are maintained.


Makeup should be done in neutral colors and tastefully applied. This is especially important for actors becauseĀ it’s imperative that you look like your headshot when you arrive for your auditions.


Clothing should fit properly, and not be too loose-fitting. Furthermore, avoid bright colors, patterns and logos. Earth tones and gem stones are the bestĀ color palates. Some blacks and grays can be appropriate depending on your session location but please avoid bright whites for outdoor sessions.


For actors, you should understand your type or “typecast”. These are the types of roles you would often be auditioning for. It is important to research the types of roles you would suit and prepare for your headshot session accordingly. For example, for business-type men bring a suit and tie. For blue collar types, a plain white t-shirt will suffice.

Here is a link for some information on figuring out your type.

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