Congratulations on your impending arrival of your baby. I am a Kelowna Newborn photographer also specializing in maternity and birth photography to capture the amazing miracle of life. I create a visual record, a time capsule to help you remember all of those sweet moments of anticipation, arrival and love surrounding your family and your newest member.


I offer in-home family maternity sessions with expectant mothers with other children. Lifestyle maternity photography sessions are all about┬ácapturing the love and anticipation surrounding the arrival of your newborn. These home maternity sessions are a mix of candid and directed. Snuggles on the bed, kisses on the belly, food cravings and capturing the babe’s new room. I capture all of the little things, and the emotion surrounding the impending arrival of your newest bundle.


Giving birth is one of life’s greatest beauties. It’s an emotional experience for everyone involved to watch a woman give life to a new little person. It’s important for those present to be truly in-the-moment and not have to worry about taking pictures. I offer birth photography to allow clients the opportunity to be truly emotionally and physically present during the birth of their child without having to worry about having their camera or cell phone nearby. I will photograph the experience of labor, the delivery of your newborn and the sweet moments following your birth.


I offer fresh 48 sessions and newborn ‘lifestyle’ sessions. Fresh 48 sessions take place in your home or hospital within the first 48 hours after birth. Lifestyle newborn sessions take place in your home within the first month after birth. These sessions are unscripted and natural, with no props, no dramatic posing and no photoshopped babies. This is all about the absolute love between you are you newest bundle. These sessions are great for first time parents or those with other children who want to capture the entire family in this new season of life.

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